Our space tunnel machine has built in infrared and spectrum therapy. Infrared can strengthen friction and collision of fat lump, dissolve fat lump, burn superfluous fat, then it expels it from the body with sweat and urine, it also helps with the elimination of toxin and appearance nourishing, stress relief as well as improved sleep quality. Spectrum therapy use the difference of color magnetic wave energy to change the therapy of the skin, blood circulation, nerve, tissue. Yellow magnetic wave can stimulate verve and peptic, accelerate detoxification function of liver, nephridium and rurinary ladder, improve wrinkle, hyper-susceptibility, foilliculitis, and acne, Blue magnetic can calm down and slack nerve tension, insomnia, hypertension and muscle nerve, at the same time, it alsohave abirritative fuction for ervthema, erythralgia, purulence and sebum activity. Green magnetic adjust nerve system directly, it can reduce pigue, depression and calm down heart, it’s wave length canpenetrate into surface layer of the skin, it has adjustable function for abnormality sebum exudation result in hyposecretion of comede and lipin and even causes dryness.