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Looking to revitalize your skin to its youthful glory?

Our medical spa and skin clinic are here to help. Sun damage and time itself can do more than just harm the skin, it can make people feel uncomfortable with the changes their appearance have taken as a result.

Age spots commonly found on the face, neck, and arms are often the result of years of exposure to the sun. While many therapies have been utilized in the past, such as bleaching agents, chemical peels and liquid nitrogen, today laser technology offers the most effective treatment for removing unwanted blemishes. Our age and sun spot treatment removes old, sun-damaged and scarred tissue and stimulates the production of healthy new collagen*.

When you’re ready to get rid of those age spots and sunspots, contact our wellness center and skin clinic to get started.


  • Avoid harsh medications — you don’t have to use harsh medications, such as retinol and hydroquinone, to get results.
  • Brighten skin — with our laser technology, melanocytes are lifted to the skin’s surface, which brightens the epidermis.

What to Expect

  • 5-10 min. — these appointments are very quick.
  • 10 days — after 10 days, you’ll begin to see a difference and lightening of the spots.
  • 3 treatments — depending on how deep the wrinkles are, our specialists will recommend more or fewer treatments. Three treatments is the average number that we suggest for best results.
  • Avoid direct sunlight — protect your skin by staying out of the sun for a week after treatment. Use sunblock when necessary.

Before & After

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