Our NEW Wellness Center offers personal wellness through physical therapy, IV Nutrition and weight loss services.

Melissa Dewing is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner specializing in medical aesthetics and weight loss. We can customize a diet plan that fits your needs and lifestyle.

                    * Prescription weight loss

                    * HCG diet

                    * Ketogenic diet and lifestyle management

                    * Lipotroic Vitamin B12 injections

                    * IV nutritional therapy

                    * Full body detox

                   * Weight loss counseling

Dr. Bo is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in Concierge Physical Therapy and Wellness using the most up to date techniques and technology as well as manual therapy. Call for more information and package pricing or to schedule your complementary 10 minute screening.

                    * Manual Physical Therapy

                    * Deep Tissue Laser Sessions

                    * EPAT/Shockwave Sessions

                    * TheraLight FIT Bed

                    * Sonic Whole Body Vibration Machine with PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy)

                    * MEDTERRA CBD pain management